The Bra-Bra specialized – FENIX Gran Prix will take place on September 26th. The amateur cycling competition starts and ends in Bra, Piedmont, where Arpa Industriale and the FENIX Factory are located.
The event reaches its 28° edition and, for the first time ever, it will take the official name of Bra-Bra specialized – FENIX Gran Prix, thanks to the sponsorship by Arpa Industriale and the FENIX brand.
Every year more than 2500 amateur cyclists take part in the event. The participants can choose trough three different courses: Bra-Bra corto (distance 66.77 Km, elevation 304 m), Bra-Bra MedioFondo (109.82 km, elevation 560 m) and Bra-Bra GranFondo (161.08 km, elevation 610 m). All the courses go through the beautiful landscapes of Langhe and Roero, a UNESCO World Heritage  area known for its amazing hills and fascinating vineyards. The area has been home to Arpa Industriale headquarters since its foundation in 1954. Here is where the company designs its high-quality surfaces for interior design and FENIX innovative materials. Always aligned with the cycling sport spirit and values, we are proud to be sponsor of the Bra-Bra specialized – FENIX Gran Prix.