Ryan Kamp will no longer be riding in the black outfit he wore for the first week and a half of 2024. Starting at the Dutch National Cyclocross Championships, which will take place in Hoogeveen on Saturday 14, he will be sporting the iconic FENIX Verde Comodoro colour.

At the beginning of the year, Italian bike manufacturer Colnago and component producer Campagnolo ensured that Kamp could remain a pro rider on an individual basis. Now, FENIX is joining Kamp as a first jersey sponsor.

“As an Italian brand, we are proud to support this new FENIX project. It has an innovative approach and relies on Made-in-Italy partners. We are excited to be part of the development and growth of this young and talented rider,” said Stefano Mion, CEO of Arpa Industriale, the company that created FENIX innovative materials for interior design.

Italian shoe supplier Sidi and clothing manufacturer Alé, who made the iconic Verde Comodoro outfit, are supporting the project built around Kamp.